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Baby Gates - do’s and don’ts of using a child safety gate

Baby gates are great for helping to keep young children safe in the home - many parents in the UK have installed safety gates and other safety equipment to protect their little ones from potential risks.

There are, however several things to consider with baby safety gate to ensure it does it’s job properly and its installation and use poses to risk to a baby, infant or toddler.


DO buy a gate that is large enough to stop a child peering over the top of it - you should always buy a gate that will be adequate for some time before your child outgrows it.

DO read the manufacturer’s installation guide thoroughly to ensure your baby gate is fitted firmly and securely in your doorway or at th top or bottom of the stairs. Pay particular attention to any stair gate filled at the top of the stairway as their could be serious consequences if a child leaned against a gate which became dislodged.

DO get in the habit of keeping your baby safety gate locked at all times, even when your young son or daughter is asleep or occupied in another room in the home.

DO install baby gates in the home before your baby has outgrown its cot and is able to crawl or walk. It is good practice to get in the habit of using a baby gate before your little one become adventurous and keen to explore every part of your house.

DO try to buy a modern baby gate for your home as this is more likely to confirm to the latest safety standards, - you should resist ‘inheriting’ older outdated models family and friends.

DO communicate and talk regularly to your child if they are on one side of the gate and you are on the other preparing a meal or some other task - talking to your child prevents it form feeling isolated and seeing the gate as a barrier to communication with mum and dad.


DON’T ever climb over a baby safety gate - you child will try to emulate your action and could suffer an accident. There’s also a risk of parents having an accident al fall and hurting themselves if they continually climb a gate.

DON’T ever leave you baby, infant or toddler unattended just because a safety gate is in place - a baby gate is an aid to safety and a no a sole provider of it.

DON’T use a secondhand baby gate that is old and may not confirm to latest safety standards - there’s also a risk that it s parts are worn and susceptible to failure.

DON’T use a pressure fitted stair gate at the top of your stairs. These can sometimes work themselves loose - and a serious accident could happen if this happened when a child was leaning on the gate the top of the stairway.

DON’T leave a baby safety gate unlocked, even when your little one is sleeping. Get in the habit of closing the gate at all times. Auto close gates are great devices as they shut automatically behind you when you pass through.

DON’T forget to check your baby gate regularly to ensure all parts are working as they should - check the locking devices and all moving parts for any potential faults.

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