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Baby Gates - the types of Baby Safety Gates you can buy

There are many different styles and designs of baby gates so it's worth taking a look at various products before choosing which doorway or stair gate is right for you.

They are made from various materials but wooden, metal and aluminium baby gates are the most common. Wooden baby gates are particularly attractive and natural looking but are more susceptible to wear and tear and not as easy to clean as metal gates. Baby gates range in price from under £20 for a cheap safety gate to more than £50 for an automatic closing gate, a gate with a pressure indicator or alarm stair gate.

Screw Fitting Baby Gates

This type of baby gate is a permanent fixture which can be used at the bottom or top of your stairs and on any suitable doorway in your home. The gate comes with several screw fittings which need to be attached to the doorway frame or staircase walls. One significant advantage of this type of baby gate is that it is very stable and firmly fixed, so there is no risk of it working its way loose, resulting in the safety gate falling out of the recess.  Also, unlike some other safety gates, it doesn't have an awkward bar at the bottom which children and adults can accidentally trip over when the gate was open. A screw fitted stair gate also allows you to walk through the whole width of the opening. BabyDan and Lindam have some excellent screw fitting gates.

Pressure Fitting Baby Gates

This type of baby gate is extremely easy to fit and does not require any screws or metal fittings.  It comprises extendable attachments at the top and bottom of both sides which are expanded outwards until the baby gate wedges itself firmly in the opening at the bottom of the stairs or door frame. This kind of pressure mounted baby safety gate should never be installed at the top of stairs as there is a risk it could fall out of place if pushed strongly by a child, which could result in a serious accident. They do, however, make ideal room separators on the same level can moved and relocated quickly and easily in another room doorway.

Automatic Closing Baby Gates

This type of baby safety gate closes itself automatically and locks itself, and can be used at the top or bottom of stairs as well as other locations in the home such as the bathroom or kitchen. Clippasafe make some top quality auto closing baby gates which have screw fittings - extensions are available in various sizes for making the gate larger. Gates with a double auto lock feature are extra secure and some auto gates have luminous glow in the dark locks and handles to make them very easy to see at night.

Retractable Safety Baby Gates

These are similar in concept to a roller blind with a robust and strong fabric which extends horizontally and can stand up to an impact of 100kg. This type of gate is quite expensive and is fitted to walls with screws.

Travel Baby Stair Gates

These are made from very durable lightweight nylon mesh and are ideal for occasion use when you are away from your home and need to have a barrier in place for a period of time. They usually come with a travel case and shoulder strap. These baby gates are pressure fitted and fold away in seconds after use. Flexiguard, Flexigate and Gate-To-Go are popular models.

Alarm Baby Safety Gate

An alarmed baby gate will alert you if you accidentally leave it open by sounding a warning sound. The Lindam Easy Fit Tall Alarm Gate is is reputable product. Other baby gates come with a self-testing pressure indicator.

Unique Space Baby Gates

These are especially designed for use in  awkward, diagonal or unusual shaped areas in the home. Extra panels can be added to them to create the desired shape of baby gate structure. They are also great for cordoning off an area of a room and can even divide a small room if used in a straight line.