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Your child’s safety in the home

Child Safety advice and info

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A baby safety gate is essential for your stairway, kitchen entrance or other doorway in your home if you want to keep your little one safe.

We bring you baby gates to buy in various shapes and sizes from leading UK names in child safety products - from basic cheap baby gates to hi-tech gates fitted with alarms.

Safety inside the home is a top priority for every conscientious parent - so there’s no better investment than a safety gate for your baby, toddler or infant.

Whether you’re looking for baby gates for your stairs, doorways or other risk areas - we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs here - at the best prices around.

Just browse by PRICE, TYPE or BRAND name to find the latest baby gate deals available.

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Safety Gates for the home


Baby Gates - perfect for keeping your baby, infant or toddler safe

Baby safety gates give you peace of mind that your child is safe from any risk areas in your home such as stairs and kitchens - they are sturdy devices that can be be erected in minutes for complete safety.

Some parents just install a baby gate at the base of their stairway to prevent their young son or daughter from attempting to climb the stairs - others however erect a series of baby gates in the home - for example at the top of the staircase, or the entrance to the kitchen, rear door during the summer months and other rooms in the home which pose a danger to babies, infants or toddlers.

We feature a huge range of baby gates from leading UK stores featuring child safety products including Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Kiddicare, Amazon, Ebay, Kiddies Kingdom, Baby & Co, Bambino Direct, Boots, John Lewis, Babyworld, Baby etc, Asda, ToyRUs, B&Q, Baby’s Mart and Baby Security - so if you want to buy a cheap baby gate or an expensive model with a fitted alarm, there’s plenty of choice here at the best prices around. The also feature baby gate extension products for various brands of gate.

We bring you baby safety gates from the leading brand names including, Tippitoes, Babydan, Lindam, Lascal, Bettacare,  Obaby, Clippasafe, Chicco, Dream Baby, KidCo, Indowoods, Kiddiguard, Safety 1st, Numi, Graco Barrio, One4All, Mamas and Papas, Cheeky Rascals and Kiddiproof. There are designed to a high standard which meets safety regulations and come with childproof lock systems so there’s no risk of a baby or toddler being able to open the gate themselves. Some people buy safety gates to keep pet dogs fenced in or away from children.

Metal and aluminium baby gates are available in many different sizes and colours - including blue, white, pink, silver, black and brown, Wooden safety gates are available in light wood, dark wood, natural wood and various types of wood including beech wood. Many gates also come with handy extensions in various sizes to fit most door frames and stairways. We have a great range of narrow, wide, extra wide and retractable child safety gates.

A stair gate or other baby gate will be designed to high standards, with safety always in mind - as you would expect they are free of sharp points and have amble space between the bars to avoid any little limbs getting stuck.

Having a baby safety gate in your kitchen doorway is a great idea as it allows mum or dad to get on with preparing meals and drinks, safe in the knowledge that their little one can’t crawl or walk into the kitchen where there are plenty of potential dangers including hot liquids, cooker rings and cupboards and drawers which can easily trap little fingers. A baby safety gate or guard really is a wise investment.

The beauty of having a baby gate for your kitchen is that there’s no need to close the door - your baby or infant can remain on the other side of the gate, but its bar design mean you can still talk and communicate with your child, while getting on with various tasks in your kitchen.

Baby gates are normally only suitable for a baby, toddler or infant aged between 24 and 30 months.

Baby gates are divided into two main categories - the type that is fixed with screws to the doorway or other area and the type consists of pressure fittings.  Baby safety gates are normally around 60 cm wide and approximately one metre high, although it's possible to buy gates which are much wider if needed.  Gate fixing kits are also available for any unusual shaped doorway openings.

There are many types of baby safety gates for children

Safety gates for your baby, infant or toddler come in a variety of different types, styles material and sizes - so you need to search around to find the one that best meets your requirements.

Screw Fitting baby gates are among the most popular and are very safe and stable as the fittings are firmly attached to doorways and stairways, so there is no risk of the gate working its way free from its surrounding. BabyDam, Lindam and Mothercare sell some excellent quality screw fitted baby gates.

Pressure Fitting Baby Gates are another very popular choice with mums and dads who want to keep their baby safe. These don’t have screw fittings, but extending pressure fittings at the top and bottom which extend outwards to enable the safety gate to be firmly wedged in the door or stair recess. This type of baby gate is very appealing as it can moved quickly and easily from room to room. The Lindam Easi Fit range is very popular.

An Automatic Closing Baby Gate is a very appealing choice of safety gate too as it will close itself and lock automatically when someone passes through it. This means there no risk of a baby, Infant or child being able to get through a gate which has been inadvertently left open. Clippasafe and Babydan are renowned for their auto gates which are manufactured to the highest safety standards. Auto lock gates have a single or double auto lock and some have luminous glow in the dark locks so they can be easily seen at night.

Retractable Safety Baby Gates operate a bit like a roller blind, although they extend horizontally and are made of very tough material which not child would be able to break through.

Travel Baby Stair Gates are light. but very safe, and this makes them ideal when you need to have a baby gate available when you are away from home and need a temporary barrier They fold away quickly and come with pressure fittings. The Lindam Flexiguard and Flexigate are popular choices, as is the BabyDan Gate-To-Go.

Unique Space Baby Gates will fit the most awkward space in a home - if a standard baby gate just won’t fit the space required there are dozens of flexible unique space safety gates available from top names including BabyDan and Lindam. We also feature many extra wide or extra tall gates for babies and infants.

Alarm Baby Safety Gate - some baby gates have additional sophisticated features built in such as a self testing pressure indicator or safety alarm. An alarm will sound in your home to warn you when the gate has accidentally been left open.   Read more about the various types of baby safety gates

Advice for using a child or baby gate safely in your home

When buying a baby gate you should ensure it is fully approved and meets the required health and safety regulations - you should fine if you buy a reputable brand of gate from a trusted UK store. You should look out for the kitemark which means a safety gate has been independently tested by the British Standards Institution.

Take your time when installing and mounting baby gates - a rushed job could result in the gate becoming unstable and this could put your little one in danger. When your gate is in place you should check its locking mechanism on a regular basis and you should try to quickly get in the habit of ALWAYS closing the gate behind you, even if your baby, toddler or infant is asleep or in another room.

Where possible you should try to avoid buying a secondhand baby gate and you should also avoid using a pressure mounted gate at the top of your stairs. You should ensure your child never sees you climbing over a baby gate as they may try to emulate your actions.

Baby gates allow parents the freedom to move around the home -getting on with other things - safe in the knowledge their little ones are out of harm’s way. A baby gate is a great investment and an invaluable device in the quest to keep your little one safe in his or her infancy.

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